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THE KEYS TO SUCCESS to sell or buy your used boat

  • 1
    the right questions
  • 2
    by market experts
  • 3
    entrust us with your boat
  • 4
    before the sale
  • What are the criteria for finding the right boat for you?

    Before starting your search for a boat, it is essential to ask yourself the right questions.

    To put all the chances on your side, you must define your sailing program. This is a sort of specification for your future purchase. In short, it is a question of answering the question: what is my project?

    You won't choose the same boat if you live near the sea with the possibility of sailing regularly or if your project is rather to travel the world for a long period. Frequency of use is an important criterion. Your level of sailing, the size of the crew for example, are also determining factors to know its technicality and its capacities.

    Last point not to be neglected: the costs following your purchase to be able to sail. Owning a boat entails associated costs. Thus, you have to anticipate the question of berths, annual maintenance and repairs. 

    This first essential step will allow you to determine the model of your future boat, its size and construction method, according to your budget. 

    The experts at Atlantique Yacht Broker act as a consulting partner to help you formalize your program and define your criteria for a boat purchase that is totally adapted to your needs.

  • Accompaniment for the purchase of your boat

    The Atlantique Yacht Broker team is composed of experts in the used boat market, with more than 20 years of experience in the boating industry.

    We implement for you a research and a watch in relation to your criteria. Atlantique Yacht Broker is mandated by boat owners to sell their boats. Our selection process is essential to guarantee you reliable second-hand boats. In our advertisement portfolio, we quickly propose you boats adapted to your desires by sending you a technical data sheet including all identification information, history, photos, etc...

    Then, we accompany you to secure all the key stages of your purchase:

    - Boat visits with sea trials
    - Offer to purchase and sale agreement
    - Expertise of the boat (at the buyer's expense)
    - Financing your acquisition
    - Accompaniment during delivery 
    - Procedures for payment, mortgage discharge and transfer of ownership

    The expertise of the Atlantique Yacht Broker team is a guarantee of success for the purchase of your boat. Our free support is based on the success of your acquisition. By entrusting your purchase to us, you secure the key points and without extra costs!

  • Why entrust us with your boat?

    Atlantique Yacht Broker is a team of experts in the used boat market, with more than 20 years of experience in the nautical industry.

    Entrust the sale of your boat to Atlantique Yacht Broker, it's simple and free. 

    Here are the steps of our support: 

    - The technical evaluation of your boat.
    Following an initial telephone interview, we agree on an appointment to take a tour of your boat. On site, we evaluate its general condition and equipment. We advise you on aesthetic and technical improvements and take photos.

    - Estimation and mandate proposal
    Following our analysis, we query our database and compare your boat for sale with many past transactions. Thus, we provide you with a substantiated proposal to evaluate the sale price of your boat, associated with a sale mandate. We take particular care to provide you with a clear document containing all the conditions of our collaboration.

    - The implementation of promotional tools for your boat
    The visibility of your boat is essential for its good marketing. The second-hand boat market is dense and it is sometimes difficult for buyers to find their way around.
    This is why we have set up several promotional methods to ensure a presence with potential buyers. First and foremost, this involves a well-written and well-illustrated advertisement. These ads are then promoted on most of the advertising platforms dedicated to the second-hand boat market.

    - Expertise and boat testing
    Boat expertise is an essential step in the sale of a used boat. This cost is borne by the buyer. It can be carried out at different moments of the sale, depending on your decision. For visits on board and sea trials, we carry out the management of these different stages to guarantee your peace of mind. The visit is a precious moment of progress in a sale, in which our experts accompany you. In case of unavailability, you will be called back after each visit to report back to you.

    - Sales completion processes managed from A to Z
    We manage all the steps and exchanges with potential buyers of your boat until full payment is made and the keys are handed over to the buyer.  Thus, once you have accepted an offer to purchase, we take care of the drafting of the sale documents and all the administrative formalities. We guarantee a secure transaction between you and the buyer.

    Turnkey, the support of Atlantique Yacht Broker is always tailor-made. Our goal: to advise you, to enhance the value of your boat and to sell it in the shortest possible time. Contact us for an accompaniment or even simply an advice

  • Owner: what to do before putting your boat up for sale?

    That's it. Your decision's made. You want to sell your boat. It is important not to neglect certain steps before you start. In the first instance, common sense is essential. Here are a few keys to prepare your sale.

    - Take a complete tour of your boat 
    The first step is to look in the rearview mirror. Make an effort to remember what condition it was in when you bought it. Whether it was new or used, it's bound to have aged. We advise you to take a complete look around and to note scrupulously everything that should be restored so as not to slow down a potential buyer. Evaluate whether you can do it alone (if you have the time) or get quotes. Offering a well-revised boat is a guarantee of better value and confidence for your buyer. 
    Before any action, also tidy up the interior and exterior of your boat. You can remove anything personal, anything that is no longer of use or interest. Tidying up is important so that your potential buyer can project himself into his future boat!

    - Gather all the boat's documents
    The more documents you gather about your boat, the more comfortable you will be in answering the questions you will be asked during the sale.
    Surely you've made improvements since you bought it? Think about valuing them (equipment, maintenance) and grouping together the invoices for these purchases. It is important to centralize all the documents and also to make a summary by date of all the stages in the life of your boat.
    At the conclusion of a sale, you will have to provide mandatory documents for the transfer. Gather them beforehand and you will be serene on this point. 

    The main documents to provide at the time of a sale are :

    - The original deed of sale;
    - The purchase invoice;
    - The original of the deed of francization. 
    - Invoices for equipment, engines, auxiliaries;
    - Owner's and on-board equipment manuals;
    - Navigation title and navigation permit;
    - The certificate of fitness for the installation of radio equipment;
    - Application for authorisation to install and/or dismantle radio equipment;
    - A copy of your identity document;
    - The trailer circulation permit.

    Atlantique Yacht Broker, as an expert in the sale of second-hand boats, accompanies you in all these stages of preparation. Following a first telephone interview, a member of our team will make an appointment with you to give you advice that will enable you to sell at a more interesting price and more quickly.

Thank you for your trust !

D'une pierre deux coups...Je voulais vendre mon CAP CAMARAT 5.5 BOW RIDER pour m'acheter un MERRY FISHER 605 de chez Jeanneau. En 5 semaines, l'équipe d'Atlantique Yacht Broker avait réussi non seulement à me vendre mon CAP CAMARAT au bon prix mais également à me trouver mon nouveau bateau avec la configuration souhaitée. Ecoute, patience, expertise sur différents constructeurs, différents modèles...On sent tout de suite qu'ils ont un solide réseau et une grande expérience.
Acheter un premier voilier quand on est novice en la matière, je ne vous cache pas que c'est très anxiogène et on se sait pas par où commencer. J'avais simplement en tête deux critères : Le prix et la taille. L’équipe d’Atlantique Yacht Broker m'a donc accompagné du début jusqu'à la fin et l'expérience fut très bonne pour moi. En fonction de mes besoins et de mon budget, lls m'ont orienté rapidement vers les bonnes références et j'ai pu avec eux visiter et essayer différents modèles. Ils prennent le temps et vous aident à prendre la bonne décision. Je recommande ! (Merci à Cyril pour ses conseils)
Excellente prestation de conseil et d'accompagnement à l'achat de notre bateau. Transparence, professionnalisme, disponibilité. La relation de confiance s'installe très facilement. Je recommande vivement Atlantique Yacht Broker
Nathalie FAURE
Je recommande vivement la société Atlantique Yacht Broker pour son efficacité et son professionnalisme. La vente s'est déroulée dans d'excellentes conditions avec une écoute bienveillante des deux parties (vendeur, acheteur) et un suivi sérieux et constant. Faisant preuve d'adaptation et de réactivité, le service a été vraiment irréprochable. Un grand merci à Monsieur Poulain.
François PANNIER
Suite à une annonce parue sur un site, réactivé de Mr Poulain qui nous a contacté pour aider à la vente du bateau. RV pour visite et photos. Contact après quelques jours pour faire visiter le bien. Prise de rendez-vous pour essai et expertise. Très bon contact avec Mr Poulain et l’acheteur. Tout a été parfaitement organisé pour les papiers et le suivi des documents. À recommander
Merci pour ma vente de bateau qui s'est déroulée dans les meilleures conditions pour les 2 parties et merci au professionnel qui a assuré le lien avec bienveillance, respect, réactivité et sérieux !
Philippe ROUGIER
Bateau vendu très rapidement toute la procédure aussi . Le tout en moins de quarante jours à un acheteur anglais. Compétences sans faille de la part de Hermann à qui j adresse un gros merci.
Patrick LE QUEAU